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Staying Connected Year-Round

Citizens are integral members of the legislative process, and your participation is essential to understanding the needs of our community. There are many ways my office can be of help to those in Pike, Spencer and Warrick counties.
Constituents can contact my office year-round with any questions, comments or input they have on a variety of topics.

Oftentimes, individuals have questions about tax refunds, obtaining unemployment and veteran benefits, road and highway obstructions, and environmental concerns, and they aren’t sure where to turn. If you face any of these issues, you can contact me by calling 317-232-9833 or emailing [email protected]. My office will use our resources at state agencies to help point you in the right direction.

Staying connected and informed throughout the year is also important. A convenient way to do this is through signing up for my electronic newsletters. The newsletters are sent out regularly and highlight events happening in southwest Indiana, legislation going through the process, information about the General Assembly and state agencies, and other important news about our area. You can sign up to receive these email updates by visiting

Social media is another great tool for staying informed about what is happening at the Statehouse and throughout Indiana. You can connect with Indiana House Republicans on Facebook by searching “INHouseGOP” and on Twitter at the handle @INHouseGOP. My website can be found at and provides helpful links to House Republican podcasts, blog posts, videos and press releases.

As your elected official, it is my duty and responsibility to serve you to the best of my ability. The information you share helps me make decisions on legislation affecting our community. I encourage you to continue staying in contact and expressing your ideas.

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