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State lawmaker calls for more transparency in vaping liquid ingredients

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A state lawmaker wants more transparency when it comes to the ingredients contained in e-cigarettes.

Vaping is pretty new to 24-year-old Indianapolis resident Justin Baxter. He just switched to it from chewing tobacco about three months ago.

“I felt like it was healthier,” Baxter said. “I just wanted to try something different.”

Baxter added that he knows what he’s inhaling.

“I actually read the ingredients on the back,” Baxter said. “The store makes it themselves, so they went over everything with me when I bought it.”

Republican State Rep. Ron Bacon of Chandler is respiratory therapist by trade. He’s trying to develop legislation that calls for more transparency of the ingredients inside vaping and e-cigarette liquids.

“If it’s an oil base, we need to find out what it is they’re putting in. If they say, ‘we’re putting in strawberries,’ Well, how are you putting strawberries in there?” Bacon asked. “Strawberries are a natural substance that goes into the stomach easily without any problems. But you don’t put strawberry oil into your lungs, or juice or whatever.”

Last week, police arrested a 20-year-old Wisconsin man accused of running an illegal vaping business, loading the cartridges with illegal cannabis-derived THC oil and selling the products for about $22 each.

“I definitely believe it is important to know what’s in the actual vape. There’s a lot of dangerous stuff,” 23-year-old Daniel Sorrolls of Indianapolis said. He also uses a vape. “There’s people making it at home and selling it in bottles. I definitely don’t think you should go to a friend’s house and pick up vape juice.”

Tuesday, officials in California announced the country’s 7th vaping-related illness death. That number includes one death in Indiana.

“We need to find out why.” Bacon said. “If we need to have new legislation to work on the industry, then that’s what we need to do. That’s what I’m going to be looking into.”

Baxter likes the idea.

“I think it’s very important for people to understand what’s in this when they’re vaping. Not having knowledge of what you’re doing to your body is scary sometimes,” Baxter said.

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Indiana lawmakers seek investigation into deceased abortion doctor’s practice

Dr. Klopfer in 2015 at the South Bend clinic.

STATEHOUSE (Sept. 15, 2019) – State Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Chandler) urges Indiana’s Attorney General to investigate the Indiana abortion clinics where Dr. Ulrich Klopfer performed abortion procedures.

“The revelation of over 2,200 fetal remains being found on the property of the late Dr. Klopfer in Illinois is seriously disturbing,” said Bacon. “Since these remains were found in Illinois, we are very concerned there may be other remains in the Indiana clinics where he performed abortions.”

Klopfer was a doctor at clinics in Gary, South Bend and Fort Wayne. Klopfer passed away earlier this month on September 3. The Will County Coroner’s office in Illinois is now in possession of the fetal remains found by Klopfer’s family at his home.

State Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne), State Rep. Christy Stutzman (R-Goshen) and State Rep. Denny Zent (R-Angola) have joined Bacon in urging the Indiana Attorney General’s office for a formal investigation.

“We would like for an investigation done with the three counties involved to ensure that no fetal remains are being stored there and if Indiana fetal remains were illegally transported across state lines,” said Bacon.


State Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Chandler) represents House District 75, 
which includes portions of Warrick, Pike and Spencer counties.

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100 Men Who Cook

Matt Harpenau and State Rep. Ron Bacon fix Bacon Wrapped Green Beans at the 100 Men Who Cook event.

Dear Friends

Hope all is well with you and yours.  For the past several years I have been involved with a local group of individuals who’s sole purpose is to give back to the community.  We have done this by sponsoring “100 Men Who Cook”.  At this event we cook some of our favorite dishes to raise needed funds for local non-profit organizations.  Some past organizations are Albion Fellow’s Bacon Center, Boys & Girls Club, YWCA & CASA.  The vent this year is for The Koch Family Children’s Museum. It will be held at the Old National Events Plaza in Evansville, IN on Aug. 24th, starting at 6:00pm. It’s great fun.  If you would like to attend email [email protected] or call 812-468-0376.

I am asking you at this time to help by making an online tip donation.  As one of the Chef’s we vie to see who can raise the most TIP”S.  Go online at click on “Meet Our Chef’s”, Click on State Representative Ron Bacon and make a donation.  Help me win the Golden Spatula.  I won several years back and would like to do so again.  All proceeds go to the local Non-Profit Organization

Thanks for helping:

Ron Bacon, State Rep.                                                                                                 812-618-5019   [email protected]