Ron Bacon

On the Issues

Ron is focused on the real issues facing our community – and he’ll do whatever it takes to find solutions.

Looking Out for Our Safety

Transportation Safety

Ron has four grandchildren that he adores – and like many parents and grandparents he worries about their safety. After talking with parents and others in our community, Ron supports Kate’s Law which requires any ATV or UTV rider or driver under the age of 18 to wear a flat back helmet. Ron also believes you should wear a seatbelt no matter how old you are.

Utility Worker Security

If any utility employee is working on a property and is battered, the charge should change from a Class B Misdemeanor to a Level 6 Felony. We trust these people to work for us and ensure our utilities are working right – and we should protect them.

Health Care Improvements

Advance Practice Nurses

Rural Indiana is suffering from a lack of medical professionals. Ron firmly believes that APN’s who have worked in collaboration with a doctor for a year – and have earned approval from the doctor – should be able to work without collaboration. Ron knows this will help our rural families get quality health care.

Traveling to Appointments

Ron is a member of the Medicaid Advisory Committee, and he’s currently working with FSSA in improving their transportation program. He’ll continue working with FSSA to help Medicaid recipients get to their appointments on time.

Protecting Us & the Environment

CAFO Distances

Industrial-sized livestock operations can pose risks to our health and our environment. Ron supports researching the effects CAFO’s have on our health and if the results aren’t good, he’ll put our health first, and increase the mandatory distance between residences and operations.

Mining Operations

Currently the distance between mines and residences is 300ft. Ron supports, much like with CAFO’s, researching the impact on our health, and possible increasing the distance between mines and residences in order to keep our families safe and healthy.

Bobcat Hunting Season

Right now, bobcats are a nuisance. They’re killing off deer, turkey, and other game in Southern Indiana. Ron wants to solve this problem by instituting a bobcat hunting season, so we can cut down on the nuisance.

Fix the Flooding

Ron plans on collaborating with the joint drainage board representing Warrick, Vanderburgh, and Gibson counties to get whatever resources our community needs to fix the Pigeon Creek flooding. Pigeon Creek has been a problem for far too long – and Ron’s ready to roll up his sleeves and fix it.