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Prioritizing Government Efficiency

U.S. News and World Report ranks Indiana as the No. 1 state for government administration. To build on this momentum, Indiana House Republicans this legislative session are focused on supporting policies to further increase government efficiency.

While many state government reporting requirements are meaningful and worthwhile, a number of them need to be reviewed and reevaluated. Repealing or updating clumsy and duplicative reports required of state and local governments would help streamline administrative processes and improve service for the public. Even with the reduction in paperwork, the agencies would still maintain accountability and be transparent.

House Bill 1003 would repeal six chapters and 88 sections of outdated, unused or duplicative code, and 73 reporting requirements. Under the proposal, 26 state agencies would see a reduced workload or a lesser number of contrasting reports due to these repeals. This would allow them to operate more efficiently and better address the needs of Hoosiers.

The proposal was crafted based on the results of a statewide survey to identify agency reports needing reform, repeal or consolidation. Since the Select Committee on Government Reduction was established in 2011, legislation has repealed almost 2,000 lines of Indiana Code and eliminated more than 70 government boards and commissions.

Reducing regulatory burdens and working toward efficient government is beneficial for all Hoosiers and is a priority for Indiana House Republican legislators.

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